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SPOC Realty Services is a leading Real Estate Solutions in Chennai, India. SPOC Realty Services provides Flats, Plots, Villas, Independent Houses, Villas, Beach House and Commercial Property in affordable cost for all customers.

SPOC Realty Services is a traditional, yet modern and professionally managed Real-estate Firm, being a part of a group, engaged in Property Development and Construction, pre-dominantly in Residential / Commercial Sector for over 20 years of experience.

SPOC Realty Services have the privilege and responsibility of catering to an esteemed clientele....

Customer Testimonials

  • Very Good Guidance and Support from SPOC Group i Meet Anand few month back and he guided me through all project and helped me lot
    - Testimonial by, Vinod
  • Hi i am Ajay, I got a flat at OMR. While searching for properties i got to know about SPOC consultancy, they understood my requirm
    - Testimonial by, Ajay
  • I donít want to identify them by the word Mediators. Some erratic persons spoiled that word through their lies I got lot of exper
    - Testimonial by, SENTHIL KUMAR S
  • The biggest and hardest dream in everyone's life is buying a new house, I too had the same. After a long wait I have found out my
    - Testimonial by, Kathiravan
  • I am Giri Babu working for Cognizant. I came to know about SPOC through my friends in TCS. The service offered by them was great.
    - Testimonial by, Giri Babu
  • They show a right property which suites our requirement, and also help us a lot to get rental, They always try to get your require
    - Testimonial by, Ganesh V
  • I am very much thankfull to 'SPOC GROUP'. My family is very happy to get the Flat with the help of SPOC Group. Special thanks to J
    - Testimonial by, Devikiran
  • It's been a wonderful experience working with SPOC. Absolute clarity, ample knowledge and awesome energy level are some of the sal
    - Testimonial by, Murugesan K
  • I am Rajesh from Polaris. I am very thankful to Spoc as they help in right direction and I was able to search the house as per my
    - Testimonial by, Rajesh Tyagi
  • Anand from SPOC was very helpful to show me a variety of projects which suited my taste and also budget, finally decided to go for
    - Testimonial by, Krishna Kumar
  • I came to know about SPOC through one of my friend. I am fully satisfie with their construction. Senthil helped me a lot to book a
    - Testimonial by, Dalton J
  • I just started to invest to create my own savings and wanted to have new home for myself. The deals from their projects are admira
    - Testimonial by, KarthiK
  • Hi this is Sabarees. My dream of buying a home came true by SPOC. One of the SPOC executive Mr. Anandh helped me a lot in all the
    - Testimonial by, Sabarees
  • This Sridhar from Flextronics. I got to know about spoc group through one of my close friend. Jagdish from Spoc group helped me a
    - Testimonial by, Sridhar
  • I happened to meet Anand from SPOC in one of the property fairs. And things were really fair for me from thereon.. SPOC completely
    - Testimonial by, Harish
  • First my thanks to Anand from spoc group for showing a project in S.kolathur. Finally i booked as it was fulfilling my requirement
    - Testimonial by, Murugesh SM
  • Hi,this is Karthi from Cognizant. I got the SPOC contact by a colleague. The way they speak and deal with me is really good. I won
    - Testimonial by, Karthikeyan
  • My Personnel experience with SPOC, they are excellent in providing the services to their customer and keep up their words and trus
    - Testimonial by, M Kuganathan
  • S - Subservient to customer Need. P - Most Prominent Real Value Projects. O - Obsequious to customer Need. C - Catering all typ
    - Testimonial by, Arun
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